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Carol Wootten Paul you rock! You are going straight to the top. It was great meeting and speaking with you at Patrick Snow’s event. Congrats on making it to the best sellers shelf. I knew you had it in you. I’m only surprised it happened so quickly. You’re amazing!

jen moutzalias

millsboro, de

Hi Carol,

I just finished the book and I am super excited to start team clean with my family.  We are getting ready to move so it will be the perfect time to implement team clean in our new house!  I am a stay-at-home mom of 3 young children..ages 5, 3, and 1 so i am sure I will still be doing most of the cleaning but I am excited for what the future holds…plus to get my husband to clean will be amazing…I may take pictures!  Right now his only job in the house is to empty the kitchen trash can and take out recycling…I can’t wait to have him step into my world, LOL!  Also, I tried out some of the team clean tactics today to get my 2 oldest kids to clean their rooms…  It worked like a charm! It’s so overwhelming being a stay at home mom and to be stuck in the vicious cycle of cleaning…you really had great timing when you gave my husband your book…I think you saved my sanity…or what little bit I have left ; )

Thanks again!

lisa chun

mclean, va

I picked up your book when I dropped my son off at camp this past week…just the book I have been waiting for but didn’t realize! I can’t wait to implement some of the ideas this summer with my family:)


karen becht

vienna, va


A short note filled with my sincere gratitude for sending a copy of your wonderful book to me.

Team Clean clearly illustrates what we all want for our families and for our children as they become adults; the confidence and ability to be a meaningful part of the family.  It’s truly amazing the bonds you have formed with your children while keeping up the housework.

I’m convinced we learn through play all through our lives.  You’ve created a great system that makes it fun for all!

I appreciate all the work you put into this book. Our family will benefit as we “Team Clean” together.

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This book is definitely a marriage saver! A family saver! It’s beyond just cleaning our homes – it’s about strengthening the bond of family… creating a harmonious living environment. When we clean up our lives it can affect us in so many ways and help us find peace. It’s genius!

from a reader

in Columbia, md

The 40 bags in 40 days group taught me that I am not alone in my struggle to keep a clean home. I’d like to share a book that helped me motivate and transform my family into a cleaning machine!!! It’s called Team Clean and chapter 2, in particular, helped me ‘dig out’.

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john hill

I recently finished reading “Team Clean” and decided to put it into real action, although very skeptical. I must say that it has made a believer out of me! The book is full of information on how to get your family working together as a team. You would think you wouldn’t need a book (I certainly didn’t!) for that but “Team Clean” breaks it down into easy steps and it becomes a no-brainer. There are even chapters for your spouse and kids to read and they speak right to them! It didn’t take long for my family to get hooked on the the idea. I am liking life a lot better with the “Team Clean” system in it! I highly recommend it to parent who not only need cleaning help but who also want toget family sharing a special time together!

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christine walls

Positively BRILLIANT! Turning the drudgery of keeping a house clean (while an actual family is living in it) into a family bonding experience with a FUN component…wouldn’t have thought it was possible until I read TEAM CLEAN! Wow! This book is well worth the read, because it can truly change your family’s life for the better! I loved Carol Paul’s refreshing approach to transforming the work required to keep a household running smoothly into a TEAM experience for the entire family, and her enthusiasm for Team Clean is infectious!

I particularly enjoyed the testimonial chapters written by each of her kids, making it clear that this is a REAL family with assorted personality types spanning a variety of age groups, and they found a great approach that really worked! What a great gift to their children! I also liked the flexibility woven into the book so that each family can easily tailor the Team Clean model to fit their specific family, both now and as the family grows and changes over time. I like that it is so adaptable!

If you’re looking for a fresh approach to the seemingly endless chores of running household that will get your whole family on board and dare I say even be FUN, then you will LOVE this book!

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from grasonville, md

Tired of cleaning the WHOLE HOUSE by yourself? Do you get that pit in your stomach when you know its cleaning time? Well Carol Paul’s book Team Clean gives you the tools you need to get everyone involved. You can actually get the house clean in one evening AND HAVE DINNER!!! Her book helps bring the family together for a common cause. Before you know it the kids are actually getting along! Her book not only gives helpful hints for cleaning, but has your family working together and “acting” like a family should– laughing, joking, and truly liking each other! I guarantee you will find this book extremely helpful! Enjoy the read!!

FROM tesia worley

lahaina, HI

Talk about motivational! Team Clean is better than a therapist. Carol Paul knows how to set a family up working together and she shares all the right (and wrong) ways to make it happen. She is inspiring. You will be dying to start Team Clean as soon as you finish the book (which by the way is a very quick/easy read) Highly recommend this if you are trying to improve your family life!

FROM randall r broad

kirkland, wa

Team Clean is a great book for getting the family to clean together! It is simple, well-written and very motivational! It teaches you, step-by-step, how to set up the weekly tradition. It convinced me that “Team Clean” is a great way to teach life lessons to the kids, improve family relationships and get a clean house all through one event each week.

FROM A reader

in Methurn, ma

I have to tell you, I finally sat down to read your book. I arrived at how to clean the bathrooms and I couldn’t wait, I put the book down ran upstairs to do it. My 3 and 1 year olds followed. My 3 year old sprayed, my 1 year old wiped with help (I did the toilet)… I was amazed! Can’t wait to finish reading and instill in my family!

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Testimonials come to us from various places, some have star systems, some do not... but they all talk about some of our favorite subjects: home organization, chore chart ideas, organizing homelife, family traditions, help for stressed out parents, getting rid of clutter, giving chores to teens and kids, building a family night... and of course Team Clean :)



What a great idea to use the team concept to ease the life of a busy, overworked, stressed out mom. The life lessons children can learn from this are infinite and the fact that you get  a clean house along with it is priceless. A win/win for parents and children!



I’ve been part of some great teams in my life, DeMatha High School, Harvard University, The NFL Today and Inside the NFL. There is a lot to be learned from being a team member. This book shows you how to take the team concept and use it with the most important people in your life-your family.  I can’t think of a greater way to invest your time!

dr. mike olmert

professor, emmy award winner, author

Carol Paul shouldn’t be a housewife/mother! She should be coaching the Redskins. Except coaching the Skins is way easier! The world has been waiting for this book. So has the floor underneath the sofa.

doug peters

maryland state senator

Carol Paul is the perfect combo of: motivator, event planner, and positive energy. Her Team Clean concept promises to strengthen your family bond while building discipline in your children. A book worth reading!

from kelly

a reader in clarksville, md

Carol brings the Wootten team concepts into the home and tells you how to get everyone on board with cleaning and accountability! Great stocking stuffer for the husband!!

Barbara c. murray

author of taking back parenting

Team Clean is a must read for every family. Carol gives a straight forward, easy to understand formula for instilling the value of work in your family. It works! It’s fun! and your house and your life will never be the same!

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michael fulmore

If you believe your kids could be doing more around the house, you need to read Team Clean. Carol Paul’s book is a masterpiece that will teach you how to get your kids to do their share and more. Carol’s system is easy to follow and reaps benefits far beyond a clean house. It will teach your kids life lessons and bring the family closer by teaching you to function as a team. And it will get the kids away from the electronics, at least for a short time every week. Every family should have this book!

FROM helen yoon

santa montica, ca

This book really is as described. I have picked up other cleaning books just to read about ways I can organize my day better or spend a few minutes on a daily basis to keep up with the house. I like this concept way better! It seems fair that everyone who lives in the house should help, right? But it normally is an ongoing fight or nagging from one parent/spouse. Team Clean shows you how to coach your family in a way that they will want to be part of this! I was shocked at how easy it was to set up. So glad I found this!!


from Batya wootten (aunt batya!)

Please forgive me while I boast a bit about my niece, Carol Wootten Paul. Her father, Angus' brother, Morgan Wootten, is an award winning High School Basketball Coach who is in the Basketball Hall of Fame. Thus, Carol was raised by a great Coach and she ran his very successful Summer Basketball Camps for him. Now, as a mother, she has written a brilliant book about turning home cleaning times into "Team Clean" times. The apple did not fall far from the tree. Carol, like her father, is a great coach. Even her children testify how the experience changed them for the better. Do yourself a favor: read Carol's fun to read book. It will change your life.

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from heather

As a young, new homeowner and future parent, I look to Carol Paul for house-related tips. Carol makes it easy! She breaks down setting up your family into a team that cleans for you into simple steps. She shares what works (and what doesn’t work). She even addresses different personality types--something I love learning about. I particularly appreciate the two chapters on de-cluttering and step-by-step how to clean. These chapters alone make life easier. There are example family cleaning charts, building blocks (tons of hints), age appropriate job lists and foundation bricks. There are tons of quotes from kids that have experienced Team Clean. You can see how family members get a lot of the same benefits that kids get from playing on a team by doing this.



Carol Paul is organized to a fault, but you will love her and wish some of her would rub off on you! She has turned a mundane chore into a well-oiled event. She has broken the parts down so it can fit any household.



Having a ‘game plan’ is essential for a successful team.  I was motivated to get my family team back on track, and having Team Clean as a playbook was inspiring, easy to follow, and motivating.  My family was excited to have a goal to work toward together, and our first month on the program has been a huge win for our family.

tyler tichelaar

phd & author of the award winning narrow lives

Team Clean is a testament to the value of family activities.  Not only will Mom get a cleaner house, but Dad will bond with his children, and children will grow up being responsible, secure, and ready to take on life as adults.

mike krzyzewski-coach "k"

hall of fame BASKETBALL coach-duke university

The most important team you’ll ever coach is your family, and this book will show you just how to do it. It’s a must read for a busy parent trying to make sure to keep family time in the schedule.

from katie munoz

Carol Paul, Yours is the best book on organizing that I have ever read.Part of my business ( is helping people organize their homes, so I’ve read a number of books on organizing. But the advice is often just suggestions that seem already pretty obvious already, like: Have one place to put your bills. Have a recycle box next to the spot that you put your mail, so you can toss the junk mail before you even put the mail down. Make a filing system.Well … yeah. Those are good things to do. And it’s a good idea to keep your toothbrush in the bathroom too, but I don’t really need to read a book about that.What your book offers is entirely new and immediately useful. It’s interesting. And wonderfully brief and to the point.Well done!

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I received this book from good reads first read giveaway. I must say I found myself laughing so hard I was crying at how accurate this book was. It was lighthearted and very entertaining, mainly because it was like they put a camera in my house and were watching our family. Since implementing this, things have gotten a lot easier! Hands down great book. If you are a busy mom or just want to figure out a way to get your life organized please give this book a try.

from sue mocker

author of the hope factor: discovering the light through your pain

I am a big believer in HOPE and Carol Paul has found a system that gives HOPE to busy moms! You will clean up way more than your house with Team Clean. You will clean up the people in it! Team Clean gives you a cleaner house, a more organized way of living, a closer relationship with your spouse, a way to teach life lessons to your kids and more. Build this family tradition today, your future self will thank you!

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kelly r.

I found the concept and theory behind Team Clean easily translatable for my children. Carol uses concepts, language and analogies that we’ve been exposed to in our team sports which makes it easy to comprehend and institute. She tells us how to identify the team, each team members roles and how each members commitment helps the team reach it’s goal of a CLEAN HOUSE!! So, no more going it solo. Get this book and have the program instituted before the weekend is over!!! You’ll wish you bought it sooner!

from monica

a reader in Minnesota

Thank you!!
We tried it this a.m. (with a hand-written chart & I appreciated the efficiency of it (no more than 1 hr, possibly less) & harnessing the energy of every team member!
It’s a game-changer (my kids had 1 friend over, he was the runner & the duster). Thank you - Monica

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from marguerite kelly (family almanac)

... can do it easily and quickly if you follow the detailed advice that Carol Paul gives in "Team Clean" (Aviva, $20) The author, her husband and their four children have been spending an hour a week cleaning their house ever since their youngest was 4 and then they treat themselves to an inexpensive takeout supper.  Families bond in many ways, and this is one of the best!

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from jim jacobs

Carol Paul knows what every family struggles with--keeping the house clean! Even more, we all struggle with shared responsibility, talking about cleanliness, and finding the time to get it done! If you can relate to these struggles, Team Clean is a much read! Thanks Carol!



There is no I in teamwork.  Everybody knows that. But nobody wants to clean up the house, either.  So Carol Paul has brilliantly solved the problem of making responsibility fun again! She approaches the job like a big league sport. And she may also have found the glue that brings every family together.



Magician, Therapist, Scientist… I am not sure what she is… but Carol Paul has done it! She will have your family asking you if they can clean each week! A truly family spirited book… a must read for every parent.

frank reed

author of in god we trust: dollar$ and sense

Hi Carol, I it was pleasure meeting you and the B.S.P.I with Patrick, you are a gifted speaker with a big heart. I look forward to seeing you soar as you share your book and your life to help others have an abundant life. They will be filled with the joy of being a team; as you know the real name for team is family. Stay in touch.

cathy wickenheiser

clarks summit, pa

My husband, Kort, brought this home and I LOVED it! I’ve been meaning to email you! I clean my house on Fridays with who ever is home…next year my youngest goes to 1/2 day kindergarten so he’ll still be my helper…but I am already incorporating many of your GREAT ideas!! THANK YOU! Awesome book!

from maureen

a reader in olney, md

I loved Team Clean and only wish I had this book 30 years ago! My boys know how to clean but not with a happy spin on it. I am putting one in each of their stockings this year. You are a true genius!  I have started a “cleaning day” for my husband and I.  Presently I  straighten daily and only clean prior to company so my house is never ALL clean.

                                                PS tell me the name of your vacuum and dry vac.

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david watkins

My wife bought Team Clean last month, in a moment of excitement, after hearing a friend rave about it changing her life.  She never read it, and in fact left it lying around the house, always in the way and adding to the mess.  As I was putting it away on the shelf, I noticed an endorsement from Coach K. and with my interest peaked, decided to see what the book was about.   I read the entire thing cover to cover that night.  I loved!  It is amazing how a simple idea can be so revolutionary.  Team Clean shows you how to use your family as team to organize and clean your house in a fun and rewarding way.  The “reward” part has our whole family hooked.  After implementing Carol’s system three times, we all look forward to Thursday evening’s Team Clean.  Amaze your wife and buy this book!  Your whole family will thank you.

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brett dupree

Carol Paul’s Team Clean is a must read for any guy who is tired of being nagged for not helping out with the household chores, or who feels a little guilty because he knows he could do more but does not know where to begin. Buy this book and turn the tables. It will show you how to lead your family in organizing and cleaning the house in a way that that actually becomes a fun event for the whole family. Team Clean is a life changer and your wife will go from nagging and complaining to calling you the hero!



As a coach, I can tell you that kids thrive from being part of a team.  Put this concept into action and the life lessons your children will get out of it are countless. Some things are better taught through the coach/player method, and this book gives you a way to do just that!



Every mother is really a head coach. In this book, Carol Paul breaks down all the tasks involved in keeping house, as if cleaning is football camp. Tasks are plays; kids and parents are players; disorder and mess are the opponents. Voila! Your family is once again a team. And they live in a spic-and-span home.



Team Clean is a ‘must-read’ book that is jammed packed with priceless information to make house cleaning a fun sport the whole family can play.

geraldine valentino-smith


A close family, life lessons for your children, and a CLEAN HOUSE-what more could you want? This quick read can make it happen overnight!

jim hossick

song writer/performer

Carol Paul is the perfect combo of: motivator, event planner, and positive energy. Her Team Clean concept promises to strengthen your family bond while building discipline in your children. A book worth reading!

from a reader

Kerala, India

I really enjoyed this book and it gives a wholesome approach of how cleaning is done easily as a team. It was fun reading the book with the simple way of narration. I really liked the cover and the pages of the book which are so much like the perspective of the book.

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margo denney

I highly recommend “Team Clean” because making a sport of heavy housework and getting the whole family involved once a week is simply a brillian concept. Everyone benefits.

The children learn responsibility at an early age. They gain a sense of self worth because they are part of a team that has a mission to accomplish. Many important lessons can be learned through doing chores, such as working smartly, not wasting time complaining, and doing the best job you are capable of. There is an immediate pay off because there is a reward to look forward to, of food and the fun of enjoying a show together with Mom, Dad, sisters and brothers.

Parents benefit also because the work is spread around and they have more free time as well. The long range pay off though, is that every family member is a part of a team, therefore, good team spirit and cooperation follow.

This book can save you a lot of grief, nagging, and pent up resentment.

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from dawn perry

Creative, inspiring, and motivating to take up the challenge to lead the family well with working together!!!! Highly recommend!!!!



Hi Carol,

Your book came across my desk a couple weeks ago. I’m enjoying reading it. I wish I’d had it when my sons were growing up. Our sons helped me a lot with the housework —your plan sounds great. Now I have four beautiful daughters-in-law three of whom have four children and the other has five. They keep clean, lovely homes. As I read your book, I keep thinking that I’d like to get a copy for each of them. I appreciate your bulk rate discount! Thanks very much!



I have lived my life with the priorities of God, Family, School, Basketball.  After reading this book, I am thinking I might amend them to: God, Family, School, TEAM CLEAN!

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michelle, oshawa, canada

I really enjoyed this book. for many years I have been cleaning the house by myself. Just leaving my husband with cleaning cat litter, vacuuming around the boxes and once in awhile empty the dishwasher. I felt a little guilty asking him to take on more responsibility cause he worked during the day. But i do need help around the house and i keep forgetting i just need to ask for it.

This book showed me “how to declutter your home, how to establish a weekly cleaning ritual, how to clean it and stick to it plus get rewards !”.

i found myself reading, thinking it would be nice if the author told me (broke down in steps) how to clean certain rooms. (yes, i know how to clean but the thought of it tends to be overwhelming sometimes). And then… in this book there was actually a step by step instructions for declulttering certain areas and for cleaning. Which looking around my home i know i have to declutter. that is why is takes me so long to clean, that is why i let things pile up.

I pray i can get my husband on board with this idea. i’m sure he will or might complain (even me) for awhile but then as the book says it will become second nature.

This book is Great for families with children of any age or families without children. It is about team work, responsibility, bonding, learning experiences and more. I would recommend this book to anyone that is struggling with house work. you can make house work into a fun bonding time and pick your reward at the end.

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This book is a good mix of cheerleading support and practical support for making a family tradition that is fun and productive. I’ve read through the whole book once and am now going back to specific parts to help set this up in our family. I feel from reading the book that this is a worthwhile and attainable habit to create.